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Your Mind is the Target, the Gym is a Tool

October 4, 2019

Last fall, WHOOP helped three veteran Navy SEALs train for one of the most grueling events imaginable, the Specter Series. Also supporting them in their preparation for their epic 103-mile skydive/swim/run was Gym Jones.

Gym Jones started in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2003, working with a small group of martial artists, climbers and military. A few years later, in 2007, they trained the cast of the movie 300. Watching the cast develop a bond and respect for each before shooting began, Gym Jones realized the value of these relationships. Their fundamental training philosophy is that the mind is primary, and we should use the gym to build from the inside out.

Over the past 15+ years, Gym Jones has worked with military contracts, professional athletes, Warner Brothers and Sony Pictures, as well as the general population at large. Their 8,000-square-foot facility outside Salt Lake City serves as a training place for local members and the testing grounds for all their programs and methodologies, which are available online to members all over the world.

Gym Jones members work out at their training facility with WHOOP.


“We believe in providing a supportive atmosphere that teaches you to take ownership, execute to the highest standards and conquer fear and self-doubt.”

The Gym Jones approach to training enables you to push beyond your mental and physical barriers. They define fitness as “the ability to do a task,” and one size does not fit all. Training programs should follow a progression:

Needs Analysis: What is your objective?
Testing: Where are you in relation to your goal?
Program Design: Map out the training necessary to get from where you are to where you want to be.
Execution: Do the program and modify it along the way as required.
Testing/Analysis/Redesign: Did the program achieve the objective? If not, fix it.
Execution: Do the program and modify it along the way as required.
Repeat the process.


“We are not just a gym, but a community of individuals dedicated to being better people, recognizing that that journey starts by looking inwards. The mind is the target, the gym is simply a tool.”

Part of Gym Jones’ philosophy is training our weaknesses through constant and ruthless self assessment. They demand a lot from their members, and themselves. However, through this process there is an atmosphere where people can be vulnerable and challenge themselves in ways they would not be capable of on their own. As a community, they bring each other up and lead by example.

At WHOOP, we’re proud to have great friends like Gym Jones whose goal is to make the most of our human potential. Visit their website and use the code WHOOP19 for 15% off their online seminars and training programs.

Completing the Gym Jones 300 workout with WHOOP.


The Gym Jones “300” Workout (Scale weights accordingly)

Pullup x 25 (strict)
Deadlift x 50 (135 lbs)
Pushup x 50
Box Jump x 50 (24 inch box)
Floor Wipers x 50 (135 lbs)
Kettlebell Clean and Press x 50 (36 lbs)
Pullup x 25 (strict)



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