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Introducing the New TYRxWHOOP Smart Swimsuit

November 7, 2022

We sat down with Rachel Ripley, Director of Merchandising at TYR Sport, and Corey Berger, Director of CrossFit & Fitness at TYR Sport, to talk about the first truly smart swimsuit that combines TYR's famed performance-first fit and fabrics with WHOOP Any-Wear technology.

In partnership with the world-leader in swimming innovation, TYR, we’re bringing you the most revolutionary way to track your workouts in the pool. The swimsuits pair TYR’s famed performance-first fit and fabrics with WHOOP Any-Wear technology, so you can move your WHOOP 4.0 from your wrist to your swimsuit. 

The TYR x WHOOP suits are rigorously tested to ensure comfort and data accuracy, so you can maximize your output and minimize your drag in the water. To shop, head to

How does TYR approach innovation?

Rachel Ripley: TYR always wants to be at the forefront of innovation in our sport, especially as we have expanded into other sports beyond swimming. We’re spending more time with athletes in the functional fitness space. Every time we build a product we ask ourselves, “Could an athlete wear this?” or “How will it help an athlete?” We only pursue the things that add benefit to an athlete – and that was exactly why we partnered with WHOOP. 

How are the TYRxWHOOP suits different from what’s currently available on the market? 

Corey Berger: They offer a new level of technical performance and convenience for anyone using swimming as a part of their health, fitness or athletic journey. 

As a swimmer, what are the benefits of smart swimsuits like TYRxWHOOP?

Corey Berger: This is the starting point for getting better data to athletes and swimmers at all levels to help them understand and improve key performance and recovery factors.

Rachel Ripley: Swimmers tend to push themselves to the limit of their physical capacity, and that’s often what’s asked of them on a daily basis. Having WHOOP in the suit will help them understand how to help their bodies hit peak performance, and when they may need for recovery day.

Any time you can get something off of your body to make it less restrictive, it’s definitely helpful. Swimmers anchor down in the water with their pull and being able to put a wearable in a suit that you don’t even notice is there means nothing interferes with your swimming. 

What was the development process like?

Rachel Ripley: We took our top selling, tried-and-true suits, the DiamondFit and the Jammer, and decided to try to find a way to incorporate WHOOP. We worked with a wide array of athletes, ranging from Masters swimmers to college athletes, to determine the best place for WHOOP to go. Initially, we had two pod placements, but after WHOOP tested the data and algorithms, we found one optimal location in each suit. We also ensured that WHOOP could withstand the conditions of the pool, including repeated exposure to chlorine.

What does this mean for the future of technology and wearables in swimming?

Rachel Ripley: Since FINA, the Federation Internationale de Natation, the world governing body for aquatic sports, recently changed their rules and will allow technical devices or smart devices in competition, I have no doubt we’re on the cusp of a lot of innovation in the industry. This is the first time there’s an opportunity to connect technology with the athlete while they’re competing at the highest level, which is exciting.

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