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Located in the heart of Fenway

WHOOP Labs Boston, our flagship testing space, is located at
One Kenmore Square, Suite 201, Boston, MA 02215.

What happens in a study?

During a study at WHOOP Labs, you will be a part of our research and data collection efforts for WHOOP technology. You will follow a set protocol, which is outlined in each study description on our sign-up page, while we collect your performance data. This is done through a number of non-invasive sensors and/or monitors.

Our compensation options range from free months of a new or existing WHOOP membership, WHOOP Store Credit to use online at checkout, and select gift cards. Please refer to each study description on our sign-up page for full details.

What to Expect

Plan Accordingly

Studies can range anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours.

Dress Comfortable

Come dressed to workout, or according to your specific study requirements. We have areas to change and store your belongings.

Arrive Early

Plan to arrive 10 minutes prior to your study’s start time.

Drive or Commute

We are located in the heart of Kenmore Square. Taking public transportation is highly recommended as street parking is available, but not provided.

Review Study Details

Make sure you have read through all study details and requirements prior to participating.

Fill out Forms

Upon arrival, complete all necessary liability, NDA, and consent forms.


Do I need to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to participate?

In accordance with the City of Boston, participants are not required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to come in for a study.

I’ve arrived at One Kenmore Square, Suite 201, Boston, MA 02215. Where do I go?

When you arrive at One Kenmore Square, Suite 201, Boston, MA 02215, please check-in at the security desk on the first floor letting them know you are here to participate in a study at WHOOP Labs. They will then give you direction to take the elevator to the second floor. Once you get to the second floor, follow the signs to the WHOOP Labs entrance.

How do I cancel or reschedule my study?

When you sign up for a study, you will receive a confirmation email through Calendly that has cancellation and reschedule links. You must do this to effectively cancel or reschedule your study. Simply declining the calendar invite will not work. If you have any issues during this process, please email for assistance.

How long does a study take?

Studies can range from 15 minutes to 24 hours and are specified in the study detail page. The majority of studies take 1 hour to complete.

Do I need to be really fit to join a study?

No! We are looking for study participants of all fitness levels and abilities. If a study requires a specific technical skillset, it will be noted in the the study detail page.

What do I need to wear or bring to my study?

Since all of our studies are different, please check the requirements before you arrive at the Lab. For example, if you are signed up for a study that requires physical activity, please wear comfortable workout attire and sneakers. If a study requires specific attire or equipment outside of these recommendations, we will disclose that in the study description when you sign up.

Are there locker rooms at the Lab?

Yes, the Lab has shower rooms, but please note that a shower might not always be available as they are limited. We also have space for you to use if you simply need to change before and/or after your study.

Why do I need to fill out forms to participate?

Understanding demographic criteria of our study population is an important component of our research. Participants will be asked to provide this information at the time of their study, and complete a number of short forms acknowledging the confidential nature of our work, participant liability, and participant consent. We adhere to strict standards when it comes to protecting our participants. Your data is never shared beyond the confines of the specific study you are participating in.

Can you accommodate my special needs?

Yes! Requests for accommodation should be sent to

Is cell phone usage allowed inside of the Lab or during a study?

Cell phones are not allowed in the study space, and you will be asked to leave your device with your belongings once you check in for your study.

Does the Lab have a WHOOP store?

No, WHOOP Labs does not sell retail products at this time.

Does the Lab offer or validate parking?

No, we do not offer or validate parking. We suggest planning ahead to find street parking in the area or park in one of the nearby garages.

What if there are no available studies when I click on the sign up link?

Our studies tend to fill up quickly! We suggest checking our sign-up page often, as we have last minute cancellations and additional time slots open up throughout the week.

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