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Try the most powerful wearable on the planet for 30 days. WHOOP tracks your daily Sleep, Strain, Recovery, stress and more to provide personalized insights that help you reach your health and fitness goals.

If WHOOP isn’t right for you, cancel anytime and send it back with a prepaid shipping label – it’s that simple.

Here’s What’s Included In Your Free Trial:

WHOOP 4.0 Sensor & Band

Get the most advanced technology we offer. It's waterproof, lightweight, and minimal so you can wear it 24/7.


Get full access to the WHOOP app – that includes personalized insights, all-new features, and any updates.

Wireless Battery Pack

Charge on-the-go and for up to 5 days with the waterproof battery pack.

How The Free Trial Works

1. Sign up today and we’ll prepare your new or expertly inspected pre-owned WHOOP 4.0 device, brand new band, and battery pack for shipment.

2. Once your WHOOP arrives, download the WHOOP app and get ready for valuable insights and personalized coaching.

3. Take 30 days to learn about your sleep, Strain, stress and Recovery – and to decide if WHOOP is right for you.

4. Enjoying WHOOP and all of your insights? No need to do anything – you’ll auto-enroll into a 12-month membership, or choose month-to-month. If WHOOP isn’t right for you, just send it back with the prepaid shipping label, easy as that.

What to expect

During the first 4 days, your WHOOP will calibrate to your body’s unique biometric patterns. After your WHOOP has gotten to know you, you’ll start to receive personalized coaching and feedback about your sleep, Strain, Recovery, stress, and more.

Trusted by MVPs, Backed By MDs and PHDs.

WHOOP tracks your heart rate with 99.7% accuracy and shows you how over 140 different habits impact your overall health. With professional-grade technology developed by the world’s leading human performance experts, get ready to unlock the best version of yourself.

WHOOP helps you build better habits

Gain Insights

78% of members understand how training impacts their body.

Understand Your Body

83% of members understand their body better.

See Results

66% of members experienced recovery gains that exceeded their expectations.


How does the free trial work?

When you sign up, you’ll get a new or expertly inspected pre-owned WHOOP 4.0 device, full app access, a wireless battery pack, and a brand new Onyx SuperKnit band. If you want to continue your WHOOP membership after your trial, you’ll be automatically enrolled onto our 12-month plan for $239, or you can choose a month-month plan. If WHOOP isn’t right for you, cancel anytime and send back just your device and battery pack with a prepaid shipping label.

Will I get a new WHOOP once my free trial ends?

No, at this time we are not replacing the devices used during free trials. However, you can feel good knowing that your WHOOP is either new or an expertly inspected pre-owned device, plus it’s backed by our lifetime warranty.

Do I get a brand new band with my free trial?

Yes, you’ll get a brand new Onyx premium SuperKnit band that’s engineered with ultra-soft backing and microfilament yarn for enhanced comfort & durability. Additional band colors and customized bands are not included in the trial – but you can customize your look and check out more options here. If you decide to cancel during your trial, you do not need to return your band.

Can I extend my free trial beyond 1 month?

No, we are currently only offering a 1-month free trial.