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World Champion Kate Courtney Looks to Defend Title with WHOOP

August 27, 2019

As a 22-year-old, Kate Courtney won the 2018 UCI Mountain Bike World Championships. She was the youngest competitor in the field, the first American women to capture the title in 17 years, and also accomplished the feat in just her first full season of elite racing.

Kate joined us on the WHOOP Podcast to discuss her training on the bike and in the gym, what her daily strain is like, how she prioritizes recovery, her love of meditation, habits that help make her a self-described “great sleeper,” and much more.

From yoga to weightlifting, sessions on the indoor trainer to getting dirty outside in the mud, WHOOP has been with her every step of the way as she prepares to defend her world title.


Kate Courtney doing yoga

Yoga is a key element of Kate’s training regimen.


Kate Courtney on indoor trainer

Kate measures her training strain with WHOOP.


Kate Courtney lifting weights

Weightlifting is another crucial aspect of Kate’s cycling training.


Kate Courtney stretching

On days when her WHOOP recovery is low, Kate modifies here training load to reflect what her body is prepared to handle.


Kate Courtney testing VO2 max

Kate testing VO2 max and monitoring her heart rate with WHOOP.


Kate Courtney, mountain bike champion.

Good luck Kate!



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