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Women's Performance

The Misconceptions on Women's Physiology: What's Your Story?

March 3, 2022

WHOOP is sharing stories and sparking conversations around the myths and biases women face in sport, training, health, and physiology.



Everybody is Not Your Body

Women have unique physiological needs but haven’t always had access to individualized guidance to unlock their full potential. We don’t all need 10,000 steps a day or exactly 8 hours of sleep a night. Women have different cycle lengths, various journeys with pregnancy, and distinct experiences across many dimensions of fitness, health, relationships, work, and more.

We all have unique physiological needs which require a personalized approach to fitness and health, but existing technology and coaching often provide generic recommendations that aren’t designed to help us truly optimize our performance.


Performance is Personal

Recent surveys of WHOOP members found that 30% of respondents do not feel comfortable talking about pregnancy with friends, and 45% are not comfortable discussing menopause. Additionally, 69% said they’ve never been educated on how to sleep, train, or fuel based on stages of their menstrual cycle.

This is why WHOOP continues to invest in the science, product features, and conversations to better help women understand their physiology. The goal is to give actionable, individualized guidance based on what is proven to work for you. WHOOP is the only fitness and health wearable personalized to women’s physiology at every stage of their life.


Share Your Story

WHOOP continues to announce new research initiatives, launch more women’s-focussed features, and share stories of inspiring and relatable women on WHOOP.

What are the biggest myths or biases you’ve experienced? Here are a few examples of what some WHOOP athletes and experts in the field had to say:

“You have all these different voices pulling you in different directions. On one side people were telling me that I looked too strong, and then I had my coach telling me that I wasn’t looking strong enough.” – Gabby Thomas, 2x Olympic medalist

“The biggest myth that I’ve been told is that in order to lose weight, you have to eat less.” – Dr. Julie Foucher, 4x CrossFit Games athlete

“A very common question I get is ‘How do you juggle being a professional athlete, a business owner, and a mom?’ My husband has never been asked that question.” – Annie Thorisdottir, 2x Fittest Woman on Earth

“We don’t see the empowerment behind menopause. This is a new chapter of our lives, and it doesn’t mean we have to stop, it doesn’t mean we have to slow down.” – Dr. Stacy Sims, female performance physiologist & nutrition scientist

Tell us your story.



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