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WHOOP Pro: The Benefits of Our Newest Membership Option

September 18, 2021

WHOOP Pro gives annual WHOOP members exclusive access to new releases, free accessories and more, only for WHOOP 4.0.

By Casey Meserve

We all want new swag with our new devices. Now, when you sign up for a 12-month membership or longer to WHOOP 4.0, you can also access WHOOP Pro, an exclusive subscription that offers several new benefits including free accessories.


Benefits of WHOOP Pro

WHOOP Body intimates bra

WHOOP Pro gives members free gear, exclusive discounts, and more.

WHOOP Pro costs $12 per month (or €12/£12) and can be added to 12 and 18-month memberships with your WHOOP 4.0. With this new subscription add-on you’ll get several unique benefits, including:

  • Free shipping and returns on all purchases from the WHOOP Store.
  • Exclusive 20% discounts on apparel and accessories.
  • Freebies every three months! You can choose from batteries, straps, bicep bands, WHOOP Body smart garments, arm sleeves and more, or if you don’t choose, you’ll get a surprise product! The WHOOP Pro collection updates regularly so there will always be new ways to freshen your WHOOP.
  • Early access to new WHOOP releases.
  • Limited edition WHOOP Pro gear.
  • A WHOOP Pro Profile Badge in the WHOOP mobile app that lets the community know they’re affiliated with a dedicated WHOOP member.

You can start using WHOOP Pro immediately during signup and choose your first free accessory when you join!


Upgrade Your WHOOP 4.0 with WHOOP Pro


WHOOP Pro is only available along with the new WHOOP 4.0. If you have a 3.0 you can upgrade to WHOOP 4.0 to gain access to the new Health Monitor, with advanced metrics and insights such as skin temperature and blood oxygen monitoring and updated Sleep Coach with Haptic Alerts. Additionally, our new line of smart garments WHOOP Body with Any-Wear technology allows you to comfortably wear WHOOP off your wrist.

Even if you have more than a few months left on your membership, you can still join WHOOP Pro at just $12 per month until you renew.

WHOOP Pro is available only through 12 and 18-month WHOOP memberships and only for WHOOP 4.0.

WHOOP Pro account

Unlock the benefits of WHOOP Pro in the app.

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Casey Meserve

Casey Meserve is a writer at WHOOP. Prior to joining WHOOP, they were an SEO Strategist at TechTarget, an editor at, and a reporter for the Old Colony Memorial in Plymouth, Mass. Casey graduated from Bridgewater State University with a master’s degree in English Literature and from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts where they studied Journalism and played rugby. Casey lives in the woods of Rhode Island and enjoys growing vegetables and flowers for the deer to eat, running (slowly) and watching the Boston Bruins.