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Research Studies

Time Zone Maintenance: An Approach to Mitigate the Effects of Jet Lag

May 9, 2018

When teams are faced with transmeridian flights heading into competition, what measures can players take to lessen these effects of travel and jet lag? Of course, there is the obvious — do enough good things (like sleep extension) in hopes of balancing out the bad. But for those looking to tip the scales even further in their favor, one effective, albeit admittedly unusual approach, is to minimize the desynchronization of circadian rhythms by refusing to acknowledge the change in time zone. Instead, the athletes maintain their daily schedules on their home time zone, a practice we at WHOOP call “time zone maintenance.”

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Torey Lee

Torey Lee is a data scientist at WHOOP. Before joining WHOOP, she studied applications of nonlinear mathematics and competed on the squash team at Bowdoin College. As a WHOOP data scientist, Torey enjoys finding new ways to analyze data in order to better understand complex physiological systems.