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Dedication to Performance Monitoring: The #Whooptan

August 5, 2017

Summer is here and beach season is officially on in full force. It’s also the time of year when no matter what your preferred method of exercise is–running, cycling, swimming, weightlifting, pilates, yoga, or even training for the winter Olympics–there’s a good chance you’re doing it outside.

We haven’t yet developed an invisible WHOOP Strap (maybe around version 17.0?), so for the time being, 24/7 performance optimization comes at a cost in the summertime–a WHOOP tan line:

WHOOP tans extend well beyond just the arms of everyday athletes, even the world’s best have fallen victim to them. In the midst of Team USA’s road to victory in the Gold Cup, defenseman Omar Gonzalez told us that he wears his Strap underneath his jersey during games:

While that may be a smart move to keep his Strap protected (and a necessary one to comply with uniform rules), it does leave Gonzalez open to critique from fashionistas for the pale stripe across his wrist:

Why should this be? Monitoring your body’s daily Strain, Sleep and Recovery is something to be proud of. Rather than hide our WHOOP tans in shame, why not show them off as a badge of honor?

This summer, we encourage WHOOP users to embrace their awkward tan lines and share them with us on social media. Whether you’re hard at work training under the sun, sticking to a casual outdoor exercise routine, or simply relaxing on the beach, whip out your cell phone and take a photo of that impressive WHOOP tan you’ve developed.

Post your best pic @whoop on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #whooptan.

Each week throughout the month of August, we’ll crown a champion for the most entertaining, amusing, compelling, or generally delightful #whooptan submission we’ve received. Winners will be awarded a free band of their choice–unfortunately none of them are transparent.

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