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Strength Training

Podcast 217: Building a Strength Training Program with Dr. Andy Galpin

April 12, 2023

This week on the WHOOP Podcast, we are joined by Dr. Andy Galpin, professor of kinesiology at California State University, Fullerton, to better understand how to strength train effectively, and how all of us can create an optimal strength training routine.

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Are you looking to build strength? Improve power? Or are you just looking to improve the aging process? Dr. Andy Galpin, one of the world’s top experts in strength training, sits down with WHOOP VP of Performance Science & Principal Scientist Kristen Holmes to shed light on how to think about strength training. Dr. Galpin talks about building strength, power, and endurance, how to think about training as you age, and how to get started if strength training is completely new to you.

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  • 3:00 – How Andy describes strength training
  • 5:45 – Getting started on a strength training program
  • 7:40 – Neural adaptation and how muscles and bones work together
  • 14:00 – How to train differently based on desired results
  • 20:55 – Training for high performance vs longevity
  • 29:40 – How speed plays a role in strength training
  • 36:45 – Recommendations for a basic training routine 
  • 47:15 – How Andy trains his pro athletes
  • 50:25 – Tips on how to accelerate recovery
  • 55:35 – Strength training advice for women
  • 58:47 – The best tips to optimize your strength training program

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