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Podcast 208: Patrick Mahomes’ Road to the Super Bowl with Trainer Bobby Stroupe

February 8, 2023

This week's episode is a must-listen before the big game. Bobby Stroupe, personal trainer to Chiefs' QB Patrick Mahomes, joins the podcast to give us a peek behind the curtain on Patrick's season - and what it takes to perform at his best.

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On this week’s episode, Bobby Stroupe, CEO and Founder of Athlete Performance Enhancement Center (APEC) and personal trainer to football MVP Patrick Mahomes, joins WHOOP CEO and Founder Will Ahmed to give us an inside look at what it takes to make it to football’s biggest stage. Bobby and Will take an in-depth look at Patrick’s WHOOP data from the past season, talk about Patrick’s training regimen, and share how important it can be to leave a little in the tank.

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  • 4:37 – Working virtually with Patrick throughout the season
  • 6:27 – Patrick playing the AFC Championship game hurt
  • 7:37 – Patrick getting injured in the Divisional Round 
  • 10:07 – Patrick’s strain and recovery data during the week 
  • 12:12 – Tips on how to overcome an injury
  • 15:02 – Gamifying the offseason training regimen
  • 16:10 – Different recovery and therapy methods
  • 17:27 – How Patrick and Bobby use WHOOP
  • 18:15 – Patrick’s WHOOP data on game days and getting stronger throughout the season
  • 25:17 – Patrick’s weekly training program
  • 34:09 – Course correcting throughout the week
  • 40:37 – Talking with other trainers to compare styles 
  • 45:45 – Patrick’s unique ability to throw the football
  • 49:47 – Navigating the extra-long halftime during the Super Bowl
  • 53:18 – Bobby’s thoughts on the Super Bowl
  • 55:17 – Bobby’s relationship with Eagles QB Jalen Hurts


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