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Behavior Impact

Podcast 205: Expert Tips for Sticking with Your New Year's Goal

January 18, 2023

This is the week that's known as Quitter's Week - when many people fall off of their January resolutions. We're bringing you a special podcast episode to help you stick to your goals this month with some of our favorite conversations including Rich Roll, Steve Weatherford, and Tom Daley.

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It takes 21 days for a new behavior to become a habit – which is why this week’s episode delivers 21 minutes of insights from some of our most inspirational guests. From endurance athlete and podcast host Rich Roll, to Super Bowl Champion Steve Weatherford, to Olympic diving gold medalist Tom Daly, this episode shares insights from some of the world’s top achievers to keep you on track to finish January strong. 

Want to see your questions answered? Email us – – or you can call our listener line (508-443-4952) and leave a voicemail, and your question might be answered on a future episode.


  • 0:51 – Kristen Holmes on the Goldilocks Rule
  • 3:00 – Rich Roll on taking a leap of faith
  • 7:48 – Steve Weatherford on feeling better in your life by developing a routine and rhythm
  • 11:20 – Scout Basset on leaving your comfort zone to achieve a goal
  • 14:55 – Tom Daly on living in the moment and taking the pressure off of yourself
  • 18:20 – Noah Ohlsen on his tips for getting a good night’s sleep.


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