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Podcast 190: Scout Bassett on Defeating the Odds and Using Failure as Motivation

September 21, 2022

Scout Bassett joins this week's podcast to talk about facing your fears, pursuing your passions, and persistence despite failure

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This week, we’ve got Scout Bassett, Paralympic track athlete and member of the WHOOP Women’s Performance Collective on the podcast, joined by Jeremy Powers, our Sr. Sports Marketing Manager of Endurance Sports. Scout’s story is one of resilience – she grew up in an orphanage in China after losing her right leg in a chemical fire when she was a newborn. After being adopted and moving to the US, she enrolled in athletics, ultimately going on to start triathlon before transitioning to track and field and becoming an American record holder. Throughout it all, Scout managed to stay positive despite numerous challenges, setbacks, and difficulties along the way. From living out of her car to confronting her traumatic past, this is a powerful conversation on what it takes to overcome.

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3:11 – Growing up in an orphanage in China

8:05 – Prioritizing mental health and managing the struggles

14:29 – Getting into sports

24:42 – Transitioning to triathlon and ultimately finding a home in track and field

28:00 – The 2021 Paralympic Games

34:15 – What her upcoming goals are

39:12 – How she uses WHOOP and what she’s regularly tracking through her training cycles

42:23 – Changes she noticed in her metrics that helped her identify she had COVID-19

50:54 – The importance of sleep

52:38 – How she continues to prioritize self care

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