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Podcast 189: Will Ahmed Shares the Story of Building WHOOP

September 15, 2022

This week, we're featuring an episode that originally aired on the Founder's Field Guide podcast featuring our very own Will Ahmed.

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This week, we’re featuring an episode that originally aired on the Founder’s Field Guide podcast. Will Ahmed joins Patrick O’Shaugnessy to discuss the journey of founding and building WHOOP and shares his thoughts on the future of wearables and health tracking. Will shares why WHOOP doesn’t have a screen or doesn’t count steps, and discusses his own leadership philosophies, including what it takes to build a team and a company with an eye toward success.

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5:35 – How to quantify sleep, strain, and recovery

18:45 – How WHOOP stays ahead of trends in the wearables space

21:28 – Early lessons in building WHOOP

48:48 – What data beyond HRV will become more accessible and affordable to track 

52:01 – What Will has learned in the past 10 years since starting WHOOP

58:13 – Why WHOOP doesn’t have a screen and other key differentiators


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