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Podcast 185: How Timing and Quantity of Alcohol Affects Your Biometric Data

August 18, 2022

This week on the WHOOP podcast, Emily Capodilupo, WHOOP SVP of Data Science & Research, joins to share recently analyzed data on alcohol - and some of it might surprise you

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This week on the WHOOP podcast, CEO Will Ahmed is joined by WHOOP SVP of Data Science & Research, Emily Capodilupo to talk all things alcohol. As many WHOOP members already know, alcohol has a deleterious effect on the body, lowering HRV, RHR, and subsequently recovery scores, while also reducing sleep quality. But recent data shows just how much every incremental drink consumed affects your physiology. Emily shares more about why that is – and she also dives into WHOOP data published in Frontiers that found sleep and alcohol use were significantly different on the majority of US public holidays.

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3:06 – How recovery is captured

3:46 – The negative effects of alcohol on recovery

5:32 – Effects of every incremental drink on recovery

7:48 – Effects on men vs. women

10:14 – WHOOP member trends tracking alcohol

11:44 – Holiday drinking

14:54 – Alcohol consumption relative to bedtime – and why it matters

17:53 – Drinking hacks to optimize recovery

21:17 – The importance of water before bedtime

Read more about the data here

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