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Podcast 180: Cyclist Lachlan Morton Talks Tour de France & World's Most Grueling Rides

July 12, 2022

The Tour de France is underway, and this week we sit down with pro cyclist Lachlan Morton of the EF Education-EastPost team.

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Lachlan Morton’s accomplishments on the bike are truly legendary. He’s raced in some of the biggest world tour events, but he’s perhaps best known for his achievements in ultra long distance and uphill events. Lachlan recently set the world record in “Everesting,” climbing the equivalent of Mount Everest (29,000 feet), in just 7-and-a-half hours. He also conquered the Tour de France route last summer by himself, riding 12 hours a day, sleeping in tents alongside the road, and raising $700,000 for charity in the process.

Lachlan sits down with WHOOP resident cycling expert Jeremy Powers to discuss his journey to the sport and what he’s learned throughout his career, the toll the Tour de France route took on his body and what his WHOOP data looked like, and why perspective and gratitude are key components of success.

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Lachlan Morton podcast episode chapters:

3:42 – Journey to the bike

6:44 – Teenage training habits

8:50 – Going pro

15:26 – Winning the Tour of Utah

18:15 – Charitable efforts

21:13 – Alternative events vs. world tour events

25:38 – Lachlan’s WHOOP data from the Alt Tour de France

29:50 – Recovery and adaptation

33:36 – Road racing vs. adventure cycling

38:08 – Biking around the globe

40:37 – EF Cycling team data


Photo Credit: Rapha


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