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WHOOP 4.0 Feature: Sleep Coach with Haptic Alerts

September 17, 2021

WHOOP 4.0 features upgrades to the Sleep Coach including haptic alerts that can help you plan your sleep, wake when you need to, and help you maximize recovery so you’re ready for the day.

By Casey Meserve

The Sleep Coach helps you establish a nightly routine by determining the best time for you to go to bed and to wake feeling refreshed. And with haptic alerts, the WHOOP 4.0 uses gentle vibrations to wake you in a less jarring way than an audio alarm and minimizes disruptions for your partner or roommates.


The Upgraded WHOOP Sleep Coach with Haptic Alerts

The WHOOP Sleep Coach makes recommendations based on your individual circadian rhythm, daily strain and sleep debt, and whether you want to peak (100% of your sleep need), perform (85%), or get by (75%). The upgraded Sleep Coach helps you put those recommendations into practice with a silent alarm that you can set based on your daily schedule. The WHOOP 4.0 includes haptic alerts that act as a silent alarm you can set three ways.


3 Ways to Set the Sleep Coach Silent Alarm

whoop sleep coach alarm

Decide the alarm mode you want in the WHOOP Sleep Coach: Exact Time, meet your sleep goal, or wake up in the green.

The Sleep Coach has three setting options to give you choices based on when you’d like to wake, how much sleep you need, or to meet your recovery goals.

Wake up at an exact time. You can choose the exact time you need to wake in the morning. This is ideal for those folks with rigid schedules or who simply prefer waking at the same time each morning. The Sleep Coach also provides guidance on when to wake based on your daily strain and sleep needs.

whoop sleep coach wake time

Set your exact wake time in the WHOOP Sleep Coach.

Wake when you hit your sleep goal. Want to make sure you’re getting the right amount of sleep you need each night? Sleep Coach can recommend the optimal amount of sleep for the night, and you can set the haptic alerts to wake you when you’ve hit your goal. You can choose the amount of sleep to hit your next day’s target, whether you want to peak, perform or just get by. You can also choose a “Latest Wake Time” to ensure you don’t oversleep.

WHOOP Sleep Coach choose sleep goal

Choose whether you want to meet 100% of your sleep need, 85% or get by with 70%.

Wake when you’re optimally recovered. Use your sleep to get in the green. You can set the Sleep Coach to meet your nightly recovery goal, as well as a time range for the alarm to wake you by a certain time based on your recovery while also making sure you don’t sleep late.

whoop sleep coach latest alarm

Choose to maximize your sleep by selecting your latest wake time in accordance with your sleep goals.

Sleep Coach with Haptic Alerts is One of Many Features in WHOOP 4.0

WHOOP 4.0 includes several metrics and features to help you maximize your overall fitness: The Health Monitor tracks blood oximetry and skin temperature in addition to monitoring live heart rate, HRV, resting heart rate and respiratory rate in one view. You can also download metrics from the Health Monitor and export them into a PDF that you can share with a coach, trainer, or physician.

In addition, you choose how to wear the 4.0 sensor. You can wear WHOOP 4.0 on your wrist, upper arm, or one of three other locations with the WHOOP Body line of smart garments. WHOOP Body accurately and comfortably monitors all your metrics on the arm, torso, calf and waist.


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