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Get Back in the Green: Meet the Experts

February 7, 2019

Life is hard. We know. We all deal with stress, injuries, a restless night’s sleep, failure and disappointment. It’s how we respond to these events that defines how we recover.

Staying in the green isn’t about perfection, and it’s hardly about being the fittest person in your circle. It’s a lifestyle commitment to face each day as it comes with the intention of self-improvement. Staying in the green is about hitting reset and preparing yourself for whatever comes next.

This year, we’ve assembled top experts with unique perspectives on recovery, including pro athletes, elite trainers, physiologists, coaches and more. While they all come from different backgrounds, their dedication to optimizing performance is what brings them success.

Over the next several months, you’ll get to hear firsthand from our experts on the topics of training, sleep, and recovery, from tips on how to improve your HRV, to what it takes to overcome failure and come out even stronger.

Take control, get back in the green with the help of our first two experts on recovery:

Joe Holder
Master Trainer
WHOOP Director of Performance and Culture

Joe’s nickname when he played football at UPenn was “The Ferrari”–he performed well, but was always in the shop. After years of pushing his body to extremes and trying to prove himself to coaches and peers, Joe abandoned the chip on his shoulder and developed a philosophy on health and wellness, which he calls the Ocho System. A play on the infinity symbol, Ocho System stands for “One can help others, and others can help one.” It’s based on the principle that when you help others be the best they can be, they’ll do the same for you.

Currently, Joe is a founding trainer at Performix House, one of the most premier gyms in the nation, a New York Times contributor, and a consultant for various brands including Nike, Smartwater, and WHOOP. Over the next few months, he’ll be sharing his journey as an athlete, a WHOOP member, and a thought leader in the fitness industry.

Areas of expertise: Sports psychology, health & nutrition, personal training, HRV and recovery

Kirsty Godso
Master Trainer & Fitness Model
Founder of Made Of Protein

Born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand, Kirsty grew up understanding patience and discipline thanks to her parents, who were professional golfers. Although she graduated with degrees in business and marketing, she knew personal training was her calling and left everything behind to pursue a career in New York City.

In her words, she’s sacrificed a lot to get to where she is today. “I’m not just here to tick days off the calendar. I really want to perform. I want to hit my peaks and so I can make really intelligent and calculated decisions about the other commitments I’m making in my life.” For Kirsty, recovery permeates every aspect of her life, not just her workouts.

Today, she trains high-profile athletes, celebrities and NYC business moguls, has founded her own line of clean protein, and collaborates with leaders in the fashion industry for athletic wear campaigns.

Areas of expertise: HIIT training, ketogenic diet, fitness modeling, business marketing, fashion & self-care


Stay tuned as we dive deeper into their world of high-performance, what it took for Joe and Kirsty to overcome major failures and struggles to be where they are today, and how WHOOP members can benefit from a shift in mindset and training that prioritizes recovery.



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