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The WHOOP Sleep Coach

October 9, 2018

The WHOOP App Sleep Coach uses your natural circadian rhythm to determine your optimal sleep and wake times based on your daily performance goals.


The WHOOP Sleep Coach provides nightly notifications recommending when you should go to bed in order to help maximize your recovery the next morning. It also takes recent scientific learnings into account in order to determine your optimal sleep and wake times based on your daily performance goals.

Sleep Coach Recommendations Incorporate Your Natural Circadian Rhythm

We’ve been talking a lot lately about the importance of sleep consistency. The more we learn about sleep, the more we come to understand that falling asleep and waking up at regular times each day has a significant impact on the health of your circadian rhythm and the overall quality of your sleep.

The Sleep Coach uses your natural circadian rhythm (in addition to previous sleep, naps and strain) when calculating your sleep need each night. With a revolutionary algorithm that is constantly learning and adjusting to your baseline, the Sleep Coach sends you a nightly notification suggesting the most beneficial time to go to bed and wake up.

Set Your Sleep Performance Schedule for the Week

We fully understand that the demands of our daily lives often prevent us from getting an optimal amount of sleep, and some nights you’re going to want more sleep than others. The WHOOP Sleep Coach takes worrying about your sleep schedule off your plate by giving you the option of customizing your nightly sleep notifications based on your performance goals for each day of the week.

Plan your week ahead of time by choosing which nights you want enough sleep to peak (100% of your sleep need), perform (85%) or get by (70%). The Sleep Coach will then determine the ideal time for you to get in bed each night and wake up each morning in order to meet your goals, and will send you a nightly notification based on the preferences you choose.

If you have a consistent schedule and would like to hit certain goals on the same day every week (maybe you’re at your best by starting things off fresh and peaking on Mondays, or maybe you have easy days on Fridays and are happy just to get by?), you can leave them as your default settings.

Optimize Your Sleep

Access the Sleep Coach via the coaching section of the navigation bar in the WHOOP app. In order to take full advantage of this feature, make sure you’re wearing your strap on a regular basis. The Sleep Coach requires sleep data from the previous three days in order to provide accurate bedtime and wake-time recommendations and allow you to make the most of your time in bed.

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