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Episode 198: Dr. Hazel Wallace on Nutrition, Longevity, and Women's Health

November 16, 2022

This week, Scientific Advisory Council member, nutritionist, and trainer Dr. Hazel Wallace joins the WHOOP Podcast to talk about the importance of nutrition in our daily and longterm health.

By Tatiana Kuzmowycz

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On this week’s episode, we’re joined by Dr. Hazel Wallace, nutritionist and member of the WHOOP Scientific Advisory Council. Dr. Wallace has long advocated on the importance of diet in our holistic health, improving how we feel today, but also how we feel tomorrow. For her, food is a disease-prevention tool and what we eat is key to improving our longevity. Dr. Wallace also talks specifically about how women should think about their overarching and reproductive health.

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  • 1:43 – Dr. Wallace’s new book, The Female Factor
  • 4:09 – Nutrition’s impact on health 
  • 6:42 – The biggest misconception around nutrition
  • 8:44 How to start creating better nutritional habits
  • 10:59 – The potential risks of disease and poor nutrition habits
  • 13:28 – How to manage cholesterol and what it means for the body
  • 17:31 – Metabolism during sleep and eating during shift work
  • 23:21 – Eating meals late in the evening 
  • 25:03 – The link between food and mood
  • 29:28 – The difference between nutritional needs of men and women
  • 33:40 – The sequencing of foods
  • 34:38 – The difference between insulin sensitivity and insulin resistance
  • 36:55 – Explaining what PCOS is
  • 41:14 – Intermittent fasting and time-restricted feeding for women
  • 45:33 – Understanding the body during your menstrual cycle
  • 47:04 – Training and strain during the menstrual cycle 
  • 48:53 – The difference between probiotics and prebiotics


The Food Medic
The Female Factor

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