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WHOOP CEO: The Next Phase for WHOOP

August 30, 2021

Dear WHOOP Members,

On behalf of our team at WHOOP, I am excited to share that WHOOP has raised $200 million in new funding. WHOOP as a company is now valued at $3.6 billion.

This new capital is all about enhancing the WHOOP membership and supporting you. Over the course of the coming months, we plan to deploy this funding to develop new technology and features, hire great talent, grow internationally, and expand our reach.


Releasing New Features and Analytics

WHOOP as a product is designed to keep pushing you. It seems appropriate then that WHOOP as a business model is designed to keep pushing us, the WHOOP team. As a subscription we feel a deep responsibility to be constantly upgrading the product every week, month, year to deliver value to you.

With this new capital, we will accelerate efforts to release new features and analytics to your membership experience. In just the past months, we’ve released new features such as team chat, on-demand and in-app membership services features, menstrual cycle coaching, levels and onboarding, and AMAs with top athletes and experts. I can tell you that the new features in our pipeline are just as good and, in some cases, even more impactful.

new whoop app features

other new whoop app features


Hiring Great New Talent

In order to keep building and researching at a breakneck pace, we are going to be growing our team dramatically. In the last 18 months, we grew from 100 full-time employees to over 500. This is just the beginning. We’re planning to grow to over 1,000 by the end of 2022. If you’re reading this and thinking WHOOP might be the right place to grow your career, please check out our Careers page.


Expanding Internationally

WHOOP will become more accessible around the world and expand in countries throughout Europe, Asia, and beyond. We know that there are many of you around the world who are interested in joining the WHOOP community but haven’t been able to yet. We’re going to change that.


Bringing WHOOP Live to Sports Broadcasts

WHOOP Live is our broadcast initiative that integrates WHOOP data – real-time physiological metrics – into live sporting events around the world.

WHOOP Live has already enabled fans to experience sports in a new way. Examples include:

  • Nelly Korda’s heart rate as she putted to win the Women’s PGA Championship
  • Daniel Suarez’ strain score as he raced at the Daytona International Speedway
  • Rory McIlroy’s heart rate while he narrowly avoided water on the 18th hole of the Wells Fargo Championship
  • Sergio Higuita’s recovery score during the Tour de France

I can promise you will see WHOOP data on more and more sports broadcasts in the coming year.


A Note of Gratitude

I want to thank you all for being WHOOP members. I started WHOOP in a dorm room as a college kid. For many years building WHOOP was hard, lonely, and even painful. In the early days we didn’t know if what we wanted to build was even possible. What always pulled me through were the encouraging stories from WHOOP members and a deep sense that the technology we were building really mattered.

I now see WHOOP almost everywhere I go. I’ve met WHOOP members around the world. You send me stories about your data and your lifestyle transformations. We even commiserate together over missing our Sleep Need! Many of you have said that WHOOP changed your life. That motivates me.

Last week, I told the WHOOP team that this new injection of capital requires both a heavy dose of humility and the same sense of urgency and tenacity that got us here. We will face off head-to-head with the largest and most valuable technology companies in the world–some of which have no qualms copying us very directly. We will engage in highly ambitious research and development and release products for you on the cutting edge of health monitoring.

We are grateful for the opportunity to take on these new challenges. I ask that you keep sharing your stories with us and holding us accountable to our shared mission: To unlock human performance.

Thank you,
Will Ahmed


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Will Ahmed

Will Ahmed is the Founder and CEO of WHOOP, which has developed next generation wearable technology for optimizing human performance and health. WHOOP members include professional athletes, Fortune 500 CEOs, fitness enthusiasts, military personnel, frontline workers and a broad range of people looking to improve their performance. WHOOP has raised more than $400 million from top investors and is valued at $3.6 billion, making it the most valuable standalone wearables company in the world. Ahmed has recruited an active advisory board that consists of some of the world’s most notable cardiologists, technologists, marketers, and designers. Ahmed was recently named to the 2021 Sports Business Journal 40 under 40 list as well as 2020 Fortune 40 Under 40 Healthcare list and previously named to Forbes 30 Under 30 and Boston Business Journal’s 40 Under 40. Ahmed founded WHOOP as a student at Harvard, where he captained the Men’s Varsity Squash Team and graduated with an A.B. in government.