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App Update: The All-New Navigation Bar

October 19, 2020

A new navigation upgrade makes it easier to access key features in the WHOOP app.

Something we value greatly at WHOOP is providing our members with the best user experience possible. We’re constantly striving to improve by adding new features and app enhancements that will enable our members to better optimize their performance and get the most out of what we have to offer.

You may have noticed a new look to your app, which comes as a direct result of feedback we’ve gotten from our members. We’ve taken several of our most popular features and put them all in one easy-to-locate place that’s just a single click away: The all-new navigation bar that now lives at the bottom of your mobile app screen (pictured below with phone in dark mode).

A WHOOP app update features a new navigation bar.

A 24/7 Coach on Your Wrist & at Your Fingertips

We hear from our members time and time again that wearing WHOOP is like “having a coach on your wrist 24/7.” While getting your own personal trainer may not be a reasonable option, WHOOP is by your side round-the-clock with actionable data and feedback.

How hard should you push yourself at the gym today? What time should you go to bed in order to properly recover tomorrow?

We’re now bringing the answers to these questions to the forefront with a coaching page that can be immediately accessed from the navigation bar.

The all-new coaching page in the WHOOP app.

Strain Coach

At the top of the coaching page you’ll see the Strain Coach, which tracks your strain as it builds throughout the day and continually updates how much more you should accumulate to reach your optimal total (based on your recovery that morning).

You can also now start logging your activities in real time directly from this page.

Sleep Coach

The Sleep Coach lets you know exactly when to go to bed and when to wake up in order to meet your daily sleep goals. By clicking on the box you can see further insights and get full access to the feature (the same is also true for the Strain Coach).

Performance Assessments

The bottom section of the coaching page includes links to both your Weekly and Monthly Performance Assessments. These provide you with extensive short and long-term trend analysis of your data, as well as the impact various behaviors have on your metrics based on your responses in the WHOOP Journal.



Another thing our members love to do is share their performance metrics with others. Whether it’s to brag about your recovery this morning, or show off the workout you crushed this afternoon, WHOOP Live can now be accessed from the new navigation bar.

WHOOP Live allows you to post photos and videos to social media and elsewhere that feature your recovery, strain, sleep and live heart rate data.


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Beyond displaying their own data, WHOOP members also tell us they greatly enjoy the ability to join teams to compare and compete with friends, family, coworkers, or others with similar passions and interests. Many find it a great motivational tool to see how their stats stack up against fellow team members.

The new community page shows the teams you’re on, as well as your current ranking on each team in a metric of your choice. It also lets you create new teams and invite others to join, displays any pending invites you may have, and makes suggestions for teams you might like to be a part of.

The new community page in the WHOOP app.


Performance Profile and More

Your performance profile, which contains data streaks, 30-day averages, all-time highs and lows, and more, can be viewed by clicking on your profile photo in the upper-left corner of the home screen.

All other menu options, from refer-a-friend and integrations with other apps, to membership services and account information, are found through the final icon in the navigation bar on the far right.

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