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Behavior Impact

A New Way To See Insights On Which Behaviors Affect Your Recovery

April 13, 2023

Get easy-to-view daily insights about which behaviors and habits help or hurt your Recovery.

Curious if your Recovery is better when your dog sleeps in your room? Or if consuming dairy yesterday affected today’s Recovery? It’s easier than ever to discover which behaviors affect you daily with an all-new Impacts.

How does it work?

Impacts are daily insights that help you understand the specific habits or behaviors that  help or hurt your Recovery, so you can optimize your performance. Choose from over 140+ different habits or behaviors to track in the Journal across everything from diet to mental health to see what impacts you and your unique physiology. 

  1. Head to your coaching tab in the WHOOP app and tap Insights at the top of the screen.
  2. You’ll need to log 5 yes’s and 5 no’s in your Journal over a 90 day period to see your Impacts. If you want to expand on what you log, open your Journal to add new items or to experiment. Choose from “Device in Bed,” “Late Meal,” “Alcohol” and more.
  3. See how much these habits help or hurt your Recovery daily by scrolling through your Impacts
  4. Want more information? Tap on behavior tiles to learn more or get recommendations on how to optimize those specific behaviors.
  5. Scroll down to see how many more times you need to log a behavior to get an analysis of its impact.

What’s Different?

WHOOP has always analyzed which behaviors and habits affect your Recovery. With Impacts, these insights are easier to find, and they’re refreshed daily. Plus, you can now learn more about why certain behaviors may have a physiological impact on you – and you can get recommendations on how to optimize behaviors or to build a routine around them.

Your WHOOP Journal can also auto-log macronutrient data from the nutrition apps you already use so you can see how consuming different amounts of calories, carbs, fats, protein, and water help or hurt your daily Recovery.

The more behaviors and habits you track, the more you can learn about yourself, and the better you can optimize your performance.

Unexpected Impacts

What if you see positive Recovery impacts from drinking alcohol? While alcohol typically negatively impacts Recovery, sometimes there are other factors at play. You may have consumed alcohol on a less stressful day, or maybe you didn’t work out as much, so the positive impact of lower Stress and Strain outweighed the negative. When you review your Impacts, keep in mind that sometimes there are confounding factors at play that might provide unexpected results.



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