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3.0 Upcycle Program: Give a Free Trial When You Upgrade to WHOOP 4.0

September 9, 2021

Here’s what to do with your WHOOP 3.0 when you upgrade to the 4.0: Give someone else 2 free months of membership, and get 1 free month yourself when they join.

With the launch of the new WHOOP 4.0, we’ve gotten a variety of questions from members about what they should do with their 3.0s after they upgrade. The answer? Our 3.0 upcycle program.


What is the WHOOP Upcycle Program?

It’s very simple. When you receive your new WHOOP 4.0, simply give your 3.0 device to a friend, relative, coworker–anyone you know who might be interested in trying WHOOP. They can then use it completely free for two months with full access to the app, data and analytics. After their two-month trial is over, if they decide to join WHOOP you get a free month as well! The new member can then pass along the 3.0 once again, and the cycle continues.


Benefits of the Upcycle Program


Reduce tech waste and keep your WHOOP 3.0 and battery pack(s) out of the landfill by giving them a new life!

Free trial with no commitment

Whoever you pass your 3.0 on to will enjoy two free months of membership without having to commit to anything. We’ll also send them out a fresh 3.0 band on us once they activate through the WHOOP app. The upcycle program allows others an opportunity to experience WHOOP at no cost.

Referral bonus

When the recipient of your 3.0 becomes a paying member themselves, you get a free month automatically added to your account!


How Does it Work?

Just follow these simple steps:

whoop upcycle program

That’s it! To activate their 3.0, the new member can simply download the WHOOP app and pair it with their phone. We will then email them a promo code to redeem a free band for the 3.0. They will also create a member profile and enter a form of payment that will not be charged until after their two-month trial expires. At that time, if they decide to join you’ll get a free month added to your membership as well.


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